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In INVERTUR/CADISI TOURS we believe that helping those people economically limited through a voluntary and active contribution will lean them to have a better quality of life.

That is why, month by month we cooperate with free lunches for the seniors that need them in Tecoluca San Vicente and we give food, clothes and medicine to the children that live in the Infant´s house and love garden of Zacatecoluca.

All of this can be done by the preference and purchasing of our tourist products, and the participation of Ad Honorem from the staff of the company friendly cooperation.

In our environment policy act as follows:

  1. Partners sensitized to environmental issues, so as to ensure the development of their work with the utmost respect for the environment, promoting respect for the environment also with tourists.
  2. We develop our tourism activities with a commitment to pollution prevention in general, with particular emphasis on the selection of products and services that respect the environment, optimizing resource consumption, reducing waste and evaluating and developing methods to minimize risks the environment.
  3. Raise the awareness of others, which together can conserve natural resources and greater environmental protection.
  4. We support organizations in the implementation of actions to protect the environment.

Environmental Care

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